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  • The Firm is one of a handful of firms with years of experience in representing clients who are experiencing problems with their mortgage lender, loan broker, or loan servicing agent.
  • In recent years, many institutions in the mortgage industry have been known to follow modified procedures in issuing mortgages. This led to many issues that can impact homeowners and make home mortgages unaffordable. We can help you to determine whether you have been the victim of a predatory loan scheme and we can determine whether or not your lender has complied with all federal and state lending laws.
  • Our experienced attorneys would value discussing any mortgage issue you might have. 
  • A few of the possible situations that our firm has experience in are as follows:

Lender Wrongdoing or Negligence

  • The mortgage industry has been under great scrutiny in recent years for wrongdoings during loan origination and improper disclosure. In addition, some mortgage lenders foreclose without following proper foreclosure procedures. Please call us if you feel your lender lied to you or did not disclose the issues fully. We will give you a free consultation and help you determine what your rights are.
  • Some examples of possible wrongdoing include:
    • Misleading statements or notices
    • Different payment or interest rate than promised
    • Different loan terms than promised
    • Federal Truth in Lending or HOEPA violations
    • Inadequate disclosure during loan process

Problems With Obtaining a Loan Modification

  • The process of obtaining a loan modification can be long and stressful. It is not uncommon for the lender to make a variety of promises during the loan modification process that later turn out to be incorrect. The lender may: negligently lose paperwork multiple times, randomly change the terms of a loan modification, or make promises that are not kept. Even if the trial payment stage is reached, there may be problems. The lender may deny the modification after the trial payments are completed or negligently delay the entire process. Our firm has experience in negotiating with lenders after a failed loan modification. Legal representation allows a borrower to cut through the bureaucracy and to have a better chance of obtaining a favorable modification. Please contact us if you feel you have been wrongfully denied a loan modification.
  • Failed loan modifications
  • Issues with trial payment plans
  • Failed HAMP modifications

Foreclosure Defense

  • Once a mortgage has not been paid, the lender will generally send a notice of default to the borrower. At this point, the actions taken by the borrower are crucial in determining whether the house is sold or whether the borrower will be able to, hopefully, keep their house. Our Firm is experienced in helping lenders protect their rights and has great success in prolonging the foreclosure process.
  • Homeownership has always been an American dream, and losing one’s house through foreclosure is an awful situation that can be avoided. In recent years, many responsible homeowners have fallen behind in their monthly mortgage payments. Once payment is late, the loan may go into default. The lender will then send a notice of default indicating that the house will be sold unless the loan is brought back up to date.
  • The time after receiving the notice of default is crucial, as doing nothing will likely result in the house being sold within approximately three months.
  • With a variety of techniques that can usually delay or possibly halt the foreclosure process. Our attorneys will negotiate with the lender and draft a number of letters and documents in order to hopefully stop foreclosure. We have had great success in foreclosure defense and would encourage you to call our firm and discuss how we can best help you.




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