Lender Litigation
Do you feel that your home has been wrongfully foreclosed? If so we suggest that you speak to an experienced attorney at Foreclosure Attorneys Of San Diego. Our Lawyers may discover that in-fact the lender has improperly foreclosed or denied your loan modification upon your home and proceed to represent you in a lawsuit against your mortgage lender to seek justice and compensation. Our law firm is dedicated in assisting homeowners in their struggle against lenders. We have a variety of solutions not only for homeowners in distress but also for homeowners who are stuck in "bad loans" due to lender liability, It is not uncommon for a homeowner to retain our firm and immediately file a lawsuit against their lender, or a lawsuit within a bankruptcy.  

Our San Diego based law firm files individual cases for those people who qualify for litigation lawsuits against their lender that can potentially result result in monetary damages, principle reductions, interest rate reductions/conversions, and other forms of relief. We will be seeking the following on behalf of homeowners with our team if lender litigation attorneys:

  • Principal reduction at/ or below current market value
  • Up to 80% reduction in payment dependent upon current market value and interest rate
  • Interest rate reduction
  • Conversion of adjustable payment to fixed payment
  • Monetary Compensation, (Cash Damages) 
  • Clean up of credit report of mortgage late payments.   
  • Foreclosure / Eviction delay defense ( If appropriate or necessary)    




Kavika K.
"Litigation Award"



Lauren H.
"Bank Fraud"



Luis A.



Barbara W.
"Short Sale"

$1.4 Million


Amir K.
"Lender Litigation"



Albert M.
"Lender Litigation"



John E.
"Wrongful Foreclosure"



Jacob S.
"Wrongful Foreclosure"

$2.1 Million


Neil M.
"Wrongful Foreclosure"



Georgina G.



Peter G.
"BK Discharge"



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